Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Soul of the Sea ...on sale now

I've been helping design a book for a couple of very talented friends of mine, Magnus and Charlie Buchanan. They have done an adaptation of Victor Hugos Toilers of the Sea by transforming the whole book into poetry and then creating beautiful illustrations to go with it.

Toilers of the sea is an epic tale written by Victor Hugo whilst he was in exile in Guernsey and I think it has a resonance not only with us islanders but anyone who has a love of the sea. Charlie and Magnus' version equally captures the spirit of the original and would make a great gift.

If you wish to buy a copy you can contact Charlie at or you can visit their stall at Arts Sunday (today 9th June) down at St Peter Port Sea Front. Its a limited edition hardback at £15 

Here's a taster for you...

PART I: The Word in the Snow
This all began one Christmas morn
When snow lay on the ground:
The island like an empty page,
The bells the only sound.

Behind a maid, a fisher came
As through the snow she led;
From time to time she twisted round
Or blithely turned her head…

So bending at her slender waist
A word in snow she wrote –
Then with a glance and flick of hair,
Away the maid did float.

The fisher trudged in heavy boots,
Each print a dungeon lock;
And when he stumbled on the word,
His legs were clamped with shock.

There gazing on those strokes in white,
His heart was set aflame:
The word he read a message sent –
The letters spelled his name.

From then, the fisher Gilliat
Did dream of Deruchette:
His name there writ upon the snow
He never would forget.
But by the spring the butterfly
Had fluttered back to play:
The winter snows seemed long ago,
His name melted away.

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