Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love Exhibition

This weekend I had a piece in The Love Exhibition at the Gatehouse Gallery and I put in my artwork Shoreline Blues, a story of my forbidden love of the sea.


  1. I have seen it - a wonderful piece

    1. Oh, many thanks anonymous for your kind words!

  2. why is your sea love forbidden?

    1. I don't want to say too much without giving away some of the mystery of the piece and the poem! I like the fact it could be interpreted in different ways.

      I was a mad keen surfer but it was pretty much crippling me so I had to stop. Now I'm in cold turkey, where I think and dream about the sea the whole time.

  3. Here's the poem to the piece…

    Shackled to the shoreline,
    Looking out to sea.
    My heart wants to be there,
    Please cage set me free!

    Storms consume my every beat,
    The sirens call out at night.
    Maybe its not meant to be,
    but I won't give up the fight

    I'll toil, I'll scamper,
    Stay focused, Bin vice.
    Though wind is against me,
    Lady luck throw the dice.

    That glimmer of hope,
    Those plunges of glee.
    Is this a sunken voyage,
    to return to the sea?