Sunday, 14 February 2016

Think Kind

An amazing kindness experiment is just about to take place on the island of Guernsey. The Dandelion Project is asking the islanders to do random acts of kindness and to leave a card urging the recipient to pass on the good feeling by being kind to someone else.

The aim is to radiate out good will and vibes throughout the community. It could be anything kind no matter how small; like giving somebody your favourite book to read or making a round of tea for everyone in the office!

I got asked to do the literature for this really exciting project. These leaflets are hitting every Guernsey home in the next week. To ideas and inspiration go to

Think kind and have fun!

Kindness Cards Guernsey

If you are feeling inspired check out Nipun Mehta's talk on the power of generosity...


  1. What a fantastic, inspiring project!

    1. Thanks Ingrid, lets hope there's lots of kindness ripples!